Ontario canada marriage records for 1930

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After , any marriages not performed in an Anglican or Catholic church had to be entered in these District Marriage Records. All marriages, regardless of where they were performed, were to be included in these registers. The Archives of Ontario has records for marriages from to June 30, However, what was recorded can be quite sparse, at times including only the names of the spouses, the clergyman and the denomination in which the service was conducted, and the date and location of the marriage.

Others may contain much more information. It depended on the individual clergyman and how much he felt it was necessary to record. This simple church was built in by United Empire Loyalists. The church was enlarged in , and remains the oldest surviving Methodist building in Canada. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Births, Marriages and Deaths Recorded in Canada

These Ontario vital records most likely would be found in the church at which the christening or burial occurred. Some detective work may be involved in determining which church has the records. Census schedules generally asked questions regarding religion, so that may give some clues to where to start looking, at least for the more recent Ontario vital records. Check with local family history societies to find out what churches existed during the time period that is of interest to you, and ask where you would find the records for those churches.

Baptism has a varying significance in different Christian religions. Some christen infants as a matter of course; others practice adult baptism, after confession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Still others practice household baptism.

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Burial records where they exist will establish when the burial took place, rather than the date of death. The burial most likely was in the church yard of the church in which the burial is recorded.

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Church records also can tell you who the members were at any given time, and when people joined or left the church. Church records also included minutes of church board meetings, which list who attended and what was discussed. The planning of social events, and sometimes marriages, births, and deaths, could be mentioned in these minutes. Baby feet.

Wikimedia Commons. Certificate of Marriage Public Domain.

Birth, Marriage & Death Records in Ontario

Records of marriages after July 1, contain much more information, due to the registration requirements. Most, if not all, of the following information should be included:. Names of the spouses; Ages of the spouses; Places of residence of each of the spouses at marriage; Marital status of each of the spouses at the time of the marriage; Occupations of the spouses at the time of the marriage; Names of the parents of each of the spouses which sometimes included the maiden names of the mothers of the spouses ; Religious denomination; Date and place of marriage; Names and places of residence of witnesses; Name of the clergyman conducting the ceremony; and Whether the marriage was by licence or banns.

Death registrations were to include specific information.

alkeriwis.ml However, the required information was not always supplied; sometimes the person providing the information the informant may not have known the answers, or may have provided incorrect information. The following information may be provided:.

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Name of the deceased; Age of the deceased; Gender of the deceased; Occupation at time of death; Cause of death; Birthplace; Religion; Name of the information the person providing details of the death ; Name of the registrar; Date of registration; and County or district of registration. As indicated above, some Ontario vital records are available on microfilm at the Archives of Ontario.

You can visit the Archives, which is located on the property of York University, just north of Finch Ave. You can also order microfilms from the Archives through your local library. The maximum you can order at any one time is 3 reels per researcher. Ontario vital records prior to July 1, for marriages are not in a central location, and are most likely in a church or a church archive somewhere in the Province.

Marriage Records

Archives of Ontario building Public Domain. Among them are the following:. Likely the most complete collection of free resources with respect to Ontario vital records is the Ontario Gen Web project. The Gateway to Northwestern Ontario History is a virtual gallery of historic photographs, books, drawings and artifacts from the libraries and museums of Northwestern Ontario. Questions or comments about the database as part of the Thunder Bay Public Library's online collection will be addressed on an individual basis in accordance with TBPL Policies.

The local newspapers printed Victory Loan advertisements, editorial reports, and stories on an almost daily basis. While the impact of World War One is felt differently today, it is no less significant than it was years ago. Over the next four years, the World War One - Thunder Bay Centennial will commemorate this time in history through stories, displays, exhibits, and more.

Full text articles can be viewed on microfilm at the Brodie Resource Library. These indexes cover notices for birth, marriage, news, retirements, anniversaries, divorce, military records and more as published in the Port Arthur Daily News, Port Arthur News-Chronicle or the Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal. Sponsorship of many of the above indexes and collections is generously provided by:.

The Thunder Bay branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society houses their library of resources at the Brodie Resource Library for the benefit of genealogy enthusiasts.

Ontario canada marriage records for 1930
Ontario canada marriage records for 1930
Ontario canada marriage records for 1930
Ontario canada marriage records for 1930
Ontario canada marriage records for 1930
Ontario canada marriage records for 1930
Ontario canada marriage records for 1930
Ontario canada marriage records for 1930

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