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Frank : Given? As stated previously, I have fortunately not had reason, to this point, to investigate what is in the trash bags of so-called food that is "given" for prisoner consumption here. Do you have access to a doctor or dentist when you are sick or in pain? Frank : If you can afford it, nothing is impossible, but for the majority of inmates here, health care is bare-bones minimum. Many very sick inmates just have to recover from ailments naturally, continuing to stay in the overcrowded mass rooms and probably infecting others.

Those that become too ill, like my friend Mr. Udin, stay in the humid, and sometimes stiflingly hot, clinic. If they don't improve, they are sent to the hospital. He recounts his nightmare stay there of nurses trying to spare the hospital expenses by withholding medication as much as possible. Unheard of, right? Frank : Here, I've only seen a few beatings, as I live in one of the better cell blocks. Also, by the time people get sent here, their bruises acquired in police stations like BNN have usually already healed up, at least for the most part.

At BNN I witnessed people being beaten with fists and long, wooden 2x2 beams. Here, I see the long-term effects of such beatings like missing, or seriously messed-up teeth, from getting popped in the mouth repeatedly by a pistol butt for not being able to supply the police with more information. A bit off topic, but in a document given to me by the U. Embassy, it states that Indonesian police officers have "absolute power" in determining what constitutes sufficient evidence in each case.

Frank Amado: The Actual Story

Subsequently, it is apparent that they exercise this same unquestioned power in their extraction methods. How many suicides do you know of since March when you were moved to Salemba? Frank : I lost track. I would venture to guess at least a dozen. Then there are also the life-taking "accidents" that occur.

Just the other day, one of the guys I used to see every day, who had his little gas-powered wok and would cook eggs and rice under the stairs, fell down the stairwell and died. I can't say if foul play was involved, or if it was due to the power being routinely cut off every two hours to save money for the prison, making the already dirty and debris-cluttered stairs an even bigger safety hazard than they are in the daytime.

Has the U. Embassy intervened or come to your aid in any way?

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Frank : So far, the embassy has come once every three months just to see if I'm okay. They have also given me 4 books to read. This has been the extent of their assistance. Other than that, any other services they can provide are cost prohibitive. They don't have any provisions to help monetarily. Go figure.

Criminal Lawyer Career

What do you feel is most important for people to know about you and your circumstances? Frank : Well, first of all, I never at anytime claimed to be innocent. I know I did wrong and broke the law, but given my circumstances at the time of the possibility of ending up on the street penniless due to a failing real estate business and other work opportunities having completely dried up due to the bank failures and all-encompassing financial crisis, my options seemed bleak. So, when a so-called friend approached me and spoke of a three month job in which I could make a sizable amount of income with very low risk it, of course, got my attention.

I remember saying I heard Indonesia was very strict on this line of work, but was told that what I would be doing wasn't the same as actually selling, and that as an American citizen the worst that I could expect was maybe 2 months in jail and then get deported, so with that in mind, the benefits outweighed the risks.

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Unfortunately, this was a lie, but even though I'm sure I could have done further research on my own, in the panic of financial desperation one is not looking for an excuse not to take a way out. Regardless of what I did, and as much as I do regret my actions now, it is impossible for me to go back and make different choices. Two points I wish to make though. For my part in the crimes allegedly committed, I feel that the ordeal that I have been through--the cost of losing the 2-year relationship I was in, the fact that the Indonesian police and government have stolen practically every possible thing I owned, the financial burden and emotional strain on myself, my family and friends, the toll on my health that I honestly feel has taken years off my life, and the mental turmoil that I've gone through and am still struggling with, are far more than compensation for any wrong-doing I stupidly was involved in.

What kind of justice is that? Second, my biggest complaint isn't necessarily just my situation, but the countless poverty stricken individuals who suffer at the hands of the unbelievably corrupt, so-called justice system in this country. Many people here are spending a minimum of 4 to 6 years of their lives for having, say, 1 Ecstasy tablet or. I have friends I have made here who have been crippled, maimed or deformed by police abuses, who in the West would have just cause to sue the police departments for their abuses for millions, but in this country are left to suffer behind bars while their wives and children try to survive without a husband and father.

I could give hundreds of accounts of police and judicial abuses, but that is only scratching the surface of what goes on here. It's all about fairness. Rate this article:. Location: Indonesia. South Dakota man executed for stabbing death of doughnut shop co-worker Reuters - A South Dakota man convicted of fatally stabbing a former doughnut shop co-worker during a burglary was put to death by lethal injection on Monday night, after the U.

While different industries have different levels of popularity, to be a thought leader means people in that industry must find what you have to say to be of value to listen to and learn from. It is only possible to be a thought leader if you are willing to respond to questions, interviews, and inquiries. This means you have to want to be asked these questions and be in the spotlight. He is an internationally recognized Torah scholar, best-selling author, matchmaker, entrepreneur, attorney, and media personality.

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The willingness to be fearlessly innovative and offer fresh, outside-of-the-box solutions to old problems, is the hallmark of every true thought leader.

99 Thought Leaders Share the 5 Most Important Things Needed to Become a Thought Leader

Paul A. Dillon is a Certified Management Consultant with more than 42 years of experience in the professional services industry. He is a sought after commentator on national veteran matters on numerous radio programs and podcasts. Paul holds an A. When it doubt, you better check it out. You need to give examples of why you are an idea leader in your industry or discipline. Someone has come up with their idea before.

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    He has inspired audiences to rethink their approach to marketing, and his work has helped hundreds of businesses to increase sales and growth.

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    But there are a few key things that if you focus on them, you can eventually get to that point:. It comes through when someone talks to you about the area you claim to be an expert in. Know your shit and keep growing in your area because nothing stays stagnant. And what better way to showcase it through a blog, writing articles, getting published, and more. Network with likeminds: Getting to know people within your industry is critical in order to establish yourself as a thought leader.

    You need to be challenged and challenge others. It keeps you thinking about different angles and perspectives. It brings more depth to what you have to say and the way you conduct yourself and your business. Thought leaders are the ones that disrupt. Jan moved to the U. Recently selected as one of Forbes 30 Under 30, he and ShipMonk came from humble beginnings. He founded the company back in as part of the Tech Runway accelerator program at Florida Atlantic University, and used the proceeds from a pair of business plan victories to proper ShipMonk to what it is today.

    You need to have a passion for your field, first and foremost.

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    Without that passion, your authority will fail to resonate with your audience. You also need to be accessible. Be humble and accessible to your followers. You must also be engaging. Great thought leadership enrolls your audience and engages them on a path to come to the same conclusion you have come to.

    Lead your audience on the path, but also be sure that you provide them a way to build on your conclusions.

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    arizona amado drunk driving lawyer salary Arizona amado drunk driving lawyer salary

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