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O'Neill better known in Arizona as "Buckey" O'Neill , who has written his name in this private visitors' book, was killed while defend- ing his country, between the hours of 10 and ii A. He was made Captain of Troop A, ist U. Volunteer Cavalry, and was making ready for the charge on San Juan Hill, Santiago de Cuba, when he was struck by a Mauser bullet and killed. Jackson of Flagstaff, Arizona , Pri- vates Robt.

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Wren, Teddy Burke, and Vansicklin. We are reported the first visitors of the season, and cannot find words to express our admiration and astonish- ment of the Grand Canon. T, Dr. April ij, j. April 20, Miss L.

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April 20, Arrived the i8th; left the 2ist of April, April, April, Y, April, PAUL C. May 10, Arrived May isth; descended into the canon this day. Arrived May 1 6th; descended partway into canon; met Mr. John Hance and Mr. Arnott returning. Ascended with them, and had a pleasant conversation for an hour in Mr. Hance's cottage. Exchanged a five dollar gold piece for an English sovereign at a point where man never before passed money. May, May 18, Having visited the principal points of interest in Europe, as well as in America, I would say that I have seen nothing like the Grand Canon of the Colorado for grandeur and for its unique views.

Having gone down the canon to the winter cabin of Mr. Hance, I must say that the canon changes to the view at every few hundred feet, and the small hillocks that open from the rim change to mountains as you go down. May 21, June 2, Doubtless the most unique sight in the world, and the greatest possible surprise is to walk up from these tents to the edge of the canon to realize the full depth of the canon. The visitor should look at it from the rim on the point just this side of Point Bissell.

The morning light is best from that position, while from the station the best hours are 4 to 7 P. June n, Party of German Editors and Artists. COX, Carthage, flo. All went to river on the i7th. Spent night at cabin, and returned to rim morn- ing of i8th. June 27, Left July i, The greatest sight I have ever seen. July 4, Went to the river July 4th; returned July 5th. Had a most glorious time. Will never forget my Fourth of July in the canon.

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It is one of the grandest sights in the world. I fully agree with the above, and desire to register this statement that a pleasant lady adds much to the enjoyment of the trip. After ascending from the winter cabin this A.

Hance returned, leaving the rim at , and reaching the winter cabin , making the descent of 3, feet three miles in twenty-eight min- utes. He immediately returned to the rim, arriving at , being sixty-two minutes for the ascent, and one hour and thirty minutes for the entire trip. Con- sidering the ground over which this six miles extend, it was a wonderful trip. I timed and witnessed the descent and ascent from the rim. BEN P. Logsville, Pa, July 6, Arrived July 5th; left July nth. Bathed in the Colorado River July 6th. Enjoyed very much the visit. Went down to the river, which, under Hance's lead, is well worth the labor.

July II, , Dr. July ii, July n, July 14, The Grand Canon, a great gulf of pale blue transparent ether in which is sub- merged unspeakable sublimity and inde- scribable beauty. All went to the river. July 25, Van Buran and Pinal Sts. August 2, Almighty Jove, Thy wondrous hand hath carved with skill this canon grand. Made to canon and back in 12 hours. Nature's masterpiece is what I call the Grand Canon of the Colorado.

Why Americans will go to Europe and around the world, where they can see nothing to equal it, before they have looked upon this marvelous spectacle in their own land, I cannot imagine. On September 1 2th I made the trip, with guide, from the rim down Hance trail to the river, and returned, in eleven hours; but I would advise any one else of average strength and endurance to take the usual two days for the trip. Had a most enjoyable trip.

Hance is most anxious I should mention the fact that we all went to the river. Slept two nights at the rock cabin. CLARK, firs. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery from BisselPs Point as well as from the river's banks. It is an enjoyable trip. October z, October 7, October i, October i, M.

October A. October 4, BARO B.

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Hungary, October 4, October 10, The World's Fair at Chicago is the greatest wonder of the age. The Grand Canon of the Colorado the greatest won- der of all ages.

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October 26, Tacoma, Mt. Bather, Mt. Shasta, and Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, and the lovely Yosemite Valley, I declare I did not see in America a scenery more or as strik- ingly wonderful and impressive and sub- lime as the Grand Canon of the Colorado. In Europe, I do not remember I have ever seen anything by which I have been as impressed except, perhaps, by the splendid White Mount at Chamoise, when I saw it for the first time fifteen years ago.

October 31, Departed from canon October 31, Left New York City, November isth, en route to California, but my suspicion of the grandeur of the country compelled me to stop off at Flagstaff. The time of the year for a trip to the canon was any- thing but safe, considering the lateness of the year, cold weather, and idea of being snowed in, but, nevertheless, our trip was without events of any mention until the night of our arrival at Captain John Hance's, when a terrific snow-storm set in.

It lasted until morning. The wind at the present time is blowing a gale, and how we will find it on our return is a question. Must trust to Providence for a safe return. During this writing we are all sitting around the fire. To compare the grandeur of this canon is beyond my power. I can hardly believe my eyes, and must say every one that goes sight- seeing should never forget the Grand Canon of the Colorado.

Sincerely yours, E. Close of visiting record for year April j, University, Chicago. Bridlington Quay, England. Indescribably grand.

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April 8, L. Words will not describe the Grand Canon. April 8, April 24, I Broadway, New York. April 26, May 5, One of the greatest wonders of the canon is the cliff called "Hance's Leap," not generally known. The mountain-sheep got away and crossed the Colorado. Un- cle John will give all details, as he is the sole survivor in these parts. May 7, May ii, May n, May 11, May 12, Mrs.

people search on cody b osbon People search on cody b osbon
people search on cody b osbon People search on cody b osbon
people search on cody b osbon People search on cody b osbon
people search on cody b osbon People search on cody b osbon
people search on cody b osbon People search on cody b osbon
people search on cody b osbon People search on cody b osbon

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