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There are an estimated , Haitians in the Dominican Republic. This is a policy practiced by most countries in the Western Hemisphere. But in June , the Dominican high court amended existing legislation to exclude from jus soli citizenship children born "in transit", such as the children of foreign diplomats and "those on their way to another country".

Since the passing of the amendment, nearly , Dominicans of Haitian descent have been stripped of their Dominican citizenship.

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As of July , according to the International Organization for Migration , about 1, individuals had voluntarily or involuntarily relocated to Haiti. Estonia and Latvia , two neighboring European countries, were Russian Empire territories, separated in , and were re-joined back by the Soviet Union from until German occupation in and then since When their independence was restored in , citizenship was automatically restored to individuals who had been Latvian citizens prior to 18 June or Estonian citizens prior to 16 June , and their descendants.

Citizens of the Soviet Union, who had moved to Estonia or Latvia while they were part of the Soviet Union did not receive citizenship automatically in , and neither did their descendants. They had to apply for naturalisation as immigrants, a process that included a knowledge test and a language test in Estonian or Latvian.

These criteria mainly excluded ethnic Russians. Most where unable to pass the language test required. For Estonian or Latvian citizenship Russia has a visa waiver for stateless persons living in Estonia and Latvia, while Estonian and Latvian citizens need to obtain a visa to enter Russia. These stateless persons can also travel freely within the Schengen area , but they are not permitted to work within the European Union.

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Article 19 of the Greek Citizenship Code Law of stated: "A person of non-Greek ethnic origin leaving Greece without the intention of returning may be declared as having lost Greek citizenship. This also applies to a person of non-Greek ethnic origin born and domiciled abroad.