Dns server look up ip address

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When you use a router learn about the settings by default a router acts like a firewall and is one unless you make an exception eg xbox psp ps3 theres traffic in and theres out. So xbox live etc all use certain ports which need to be put in your router settings hence failing the tests when trying to connect.

Also open browser log into your router and you should find your dns server ip address etc as the xbox is not connecting to your pc so why look for your pc ip dns etc your console is connecting through the router almost a mini pc in its own right. I am trying to hook up my xbox to live, because i just got a new comcast modem yesterday. I found the Ip adress, Subnet ,and Default gateway.

Public DNS Servers

All I need is the DNS… thats the problem. There are 3 DNS sever numbers, and none of them work. I tried everything. They all are on Virtual PC.

How to find your (Ip adress + dns server)

Now I have 5 computers, i am doing network and it work ok, i call on cmd ,, ping ip-s, evrything work. I must to do this, make this for example…. What should I do? Only clue was that a DNS problem occured and error was displayed on attempt in chrome…. I was really worried but this helped me really….

Why should you try Google Public DNS?

Both wworking really nice now… thanks. Ok I have tried every thing i know both of my dns number but when i put them in my ps3 they dont work. I am trying to work at home. I need to know if I have a high speed internet servise. If not, I need to switch to a high speed internet provider.

I am also trying to watch a vidio clip sent to me by my employer but dont know how to make it play and dont know how to turn on speakers. Can you help. I was having the same problem as a lot of you.


How to Find Your IP Address, Primary DNS & Default Router

I was getting those dns errors while trying to connect to Xbox live. Apparently the MAC address is where the hang up is.

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It was for me anyway. If you run the ipconfig the MAC address is next to where it says physical address. I think it has to do with the fact that I was connecting directly to the modem. Not sure if it would have been a problem if I was using a router. Use iptables to forward port to internal system. See this FAQ for more info.

How to Find the IP Address of Your ISP's DNS Servers | paypargedilre.cf

I have tried getting online with my ps3 a while and i still cant figure it out i have tried evryhing from this site to other sites I obtain the IP address but the internet connection fails. I can get online wiht my nieghors linsky but has bad signal It was working for a little than stoped.

Yowww i iz tryin 2 set ma internet up for ma ps3 yhh buh it wnt let me cuz it sayin dah dere is a dns error n i dnt no wah ma numba is cud u tell me how to get it. Use this to solve the DNS not resolved error: 1. Unplug your modem 7. Turn on your Xbox without a disc in the drive 8. Enter the DNS settings you copied down then apply the changes Input that letter and number sequence Connect your Xbox to your modem. Do you know how to fix this problem.

Reverse DNS search

Please email me back. Im trying to get internet access on my playsation 3 and everything is going well until it checks the DNS Server Address. This is what it says: An error occured during communictaion with the server. This is a DNS error Got my Dns server address and manually entered in the configuration menu as instructed but I still get the same message. I was givin a router from a friend. I went to the router site to install a WEP to secure my internet, but then it asks me for a Network Key when I try to sign onto the internet.

Where do I get my Network Key from? Some one please help me as my neighbors are stealling my internet from me…..

Free Domain, DNS, WHOIS and IP Tools

Kyriel my ip is also the same as the default gateway but that doesnt matter. My router worked for my ps3 and ds ladt year but now they dont so the only thing you can do is call your internet service provider and if all else fails get a new linksys routers those are good for linking different systems. Hi well the basics are a good place to start lol..

Hey there I am having the same problem as everyone who has been writing in. I had a tech from my isp provider come out and help but still no joy. The same message port may be blocked which is rubbish. Even though now I have been changing settings both in the xbox and router I am still unable to connect to xbox live. I think the server is down but microsoft are not telling us.

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Hope this helps. The main issue is most people need to make sure they are connected directly to the router that converts their cable signal or phone sig to the internet. Most people are not directly connected to their router. The MAC address comes in handy sometimes with multiple routers. Sometimes the default is set and you want to make sure the information is being routed to the routers MAC and not the default. Hope this helps … mostly reiterating allot of what has been said. I am trying to hook up PS3.

But the very thing is thati have been trying to connect my psp to the internet for some ti2me now and whave been having problem pls i need info on how to go about this. Im trying to connect my Nintendo DS to internet and it needs a primary and secondary DNS number and my pc doesnt have one. Ive tried steps on the net on where to find it and theres no number. I need it as quick as possible. Please Help!!! Thanks PS. Im using Windows 7 64bit.

Just fill in the Primary and you should be good. If you need a second one use a Public DNS such as 4.

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Dns server look up ip address

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