Obama hides his birth certificate

Apparently his whole presidency is one big, gay, commie conspiracy.

Kitty, a commenter on Legal Insurrection says, "It states his father was not a natural born citizen. Doesn't that make 0 ineligible to be president? And there are bubbling doubts about the authenticity. Here is one early reaction from FreeRepublic :. It has signatures but the paper, allegedly signed in , is the same, funny computer print-out paper that the State of Hawaii uses in the 21st Century. I'm not Buckhead and I don't play him on the Internet but this seems to be some sort of Photoshop joke.

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As Wire commenter Kelli K nicely put it on our original post , "The 'birther' controversy is a metaphor. Geez, how much does a guy need to be banged on the head to get a clue? Update 1: Wired's Jonah Lehrer says this morning's reveal probably won't change many minds one way or another. Update 2: The Smoking gun has a point-by-point breakdown on details of the certificate that seem fishy.

It's at least somewhat tongue-in-cheek, based on this item: "David A. Sinclair, the M. Specifically, Taitz thinks that the birth certificate should peg Obama's race as "Negro" and not "African. It sounds like it would be written today, in the age of political correctness, and not in when they wrote white or Asian or 'Negro'. Isn't there some sort of privacy law that Hawaii vital records such as the original "long form" document can't be released to the public?

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Yes, what could possibly drive three brothers such as Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and Harvard professor Zeke Emanuel to take such consistently liberal positions? Yes, exactly! I can't imagine Ayers would have passed up such a wonderful aspect of the ideological narrative he was crafting for his protege. And while it might not do to overly emphasize the racial bigotry of Indonesians towards half-black children—after all, non-whites can't be racist—it's fine to focus on their religious bigotry.

Everyone knows all religious people are bigots, even Third World non-white ones…. People keep lids on embarrasing stuff, like Jeremiah Wright. The only reason his followers in the press even mentioned the Wright controversy was because videos of his sermons popped up on youtube and were attracting eyeballs.

What poisons the entire document chain? Bogus citizenship. Some lawyer said quash everything. It's a daisy chain from hell. They can't release the real bc because it's not Hawaiian: he wasn't born in HI but they wrangled the short form — which is about as legit as jose's matricula consul card. They can't release the college records because he was enrolled as a foreign student. Who knows how many inconsistent fudges were made along the way. The link above to a real HI birth doc is important. The damning info is not race or religion — the doc doesn't list that info.

Anonymous said. I find this fascinating too. In most stories about this issue, such as one I saw yesterday on the Shepard Smith Show, the claim is that the computer-generated Certificate of Live Birth is in fact the birth certificate everyone is talking about, only they're too dumb to realize it. The journalists rarely note that the Certificate of Live Birth contains considerably less information than the Certification of Live Birth. A fall-back position, used by the White House Press Secretary, is to say that it's no use releasing the long-form certificate because the birthers won't be convinced by anything.

Of course, this is a very weak argument. Releasing the long-form certificate would do a great deal to settle the issue. Under a law, it's illegal to release the information without the subject's permission. Obama could arrange it with a phone call, I'm sure.

When Obama flack Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie promised to end the controversy by releasing the certificate, he later backed off.


Abercrombie can do within the law to produce a document,' said Dela Cruz. In other words, despite the governor saying he would end this controversy by releasing the document, he now says he can't do it because evidently the president will not consent to it, so unfortunately "conspirators will continue to question the citizenship of our president.

But why do you think Obama would want to settle the issue, especially right now? Because he's a good sport? Because sportsmanship and the common good are the Chicago Way of playing politics?

If he settled the issue right now, it would be forgotten by the election. On the other hand, if Republicans make a big deal about the non-existence of the long form birth certificate in the campaign, and Obama then releases the long form birth certificate on November 1, , he would get maximum advantage from the timing. He's hiding his birth certificate because he's hiding everything.

Trump: My tax returns for Obama birth certificate

It's the old lawyer trick of hide-the-ball; you can't be sure what he's really hiding because it's lost in the noise of a general blackout. As Kurtz has shown he's got plenty to be hiding from his Chicago days; he was quite probably a Democratic Socialist.

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Plus, as Trump points out, his legend of being the Smartest Guy in the Room is likely to be nonsense. But if one of the states passes the legislation requiring an LFBC,things will get very, very interesting. Not producing the LFBC will make no political sense then, because it will draw out the court fight and the media will have absolutely no choice but to ask critical questions when all the candidates except Barry have no problem getting on the ballot.

Steve Sailer said. I don't see any Republicans but Trump making a big deal out of this issue, and I don't think Trump is actually going to run. Also, if Obama were to release the birth certificate week before the election, most people would be annoyed with him for yanking everyone's chain for so long. It would fit in with the impression Obama makes of being an above-it-all jerk. One of Cashill's correspondents also agrees with us: "[This incident] may be describing outright sexual abuse.

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But perhaps not; we don't know, and we'll never know. But there is no question that the poem is describing a boundary violation on several levels: this child feels invaded — perhaps even taken over — by this man, and is fighting against that sensation. A propinquity chart would be assembled and used to guide organized interviewing.

That such contacts are made is entirely appropriate and required for the fullest security of President or Presidential candidate. IF, however, such contacts were made in any way that inhibits persons with knowledge from being forthcoming publicly, then that would be highly relevant. I have the troubling sense that statistically speaking far fewer persons have commented publicly about the President than one would imagine to be the number of such persons if all such people felt at liberty to speak out publicly??

I don't know whether an FOIA Request could determine within broad limits how extensive governmental contacts and interviews have been. Such Requests would have to welcome redacted documents, etc. Maybe not at the national level — where the RINOs rule the roost — but at the grassroots, there are only two things that the GOP cares about in Anonymous said… He's hiding his birth certificate because he's hiding everything.

This makes a lot of sense.

Born To Lie: From The Birth Certificate to Health Care (FREE PDF Download)

It's hard to see what could be in the birth certificate that could be so damaging, but it's easy to imagine that Obama's policy is to let nothing out because there are certain records that would blow him out of the water. As long as people are focusing in the birth certificate he'd as soon make his stand there. Since the state media are being so supportive in his efforts to stonewall, why pull the rug out from under them?

Anecodatal evidence: I'm a white northsider, and I certainly knew who Barack Obama was in the late 90s. That's because I had multiple friends and acquaintances who were involved with the University of Chicago. In particular, one friend of mine who is now a Democratic activist took one of Obama's classes ca. He was really excited about the Congressional campaign. I was already an anti-leftist at the time, so I was never going to be a supporter, but Obama definitely seemed like an intriguing character.

Your tongue in cheek theory about Obama's decisions doesn't quite hold together, but it's at least entertaining. I think speculating about politicians' internal motives often ends up as an exercise in fundamental attribution error. That's probably made more common by the way politicians cultivate some kind of an image—whether that's postracial intellectual or regular guy from Texas—that is professionally created and often pretty far from reality.

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  4. Obama is probably mostly responding to his incentives as he understands them, given a desire to keep and exercise power. I think we can learn a lot more about his incentives as he sees them from his actions than we can about his beliefs. Presumably, it doesn't pay to push too hard on the military or spy agencies or on Wall Street, because despite having campaign promises and alleged ideological preferences in the direction of pushing on all three, he hasn't done much pushing.

    Do spy agencies have all the new President's phone calls from a decade ago on file at Echelon? I once took a class from a really popular professor, too. I think he's now Pope, or Chairman of the Board of Toyota, or coach of the Lakers, or something like that.

    richciosmac.tk That would be fun. I suppose it might be done just to "dish the Democrats".

    Not a Muslim

    But might it be done to invalidate all the laws that the IMoM has signed, all the executive orders? What would be the legal position if it were found retrospectively that he wasn't a natural-born citizen? I've not seen any evidence whatever that he's not a natural-born citizen. I'm just someone who wonders what the devil he's hiding. Afroyim v. Rusk, U. Brownell , in which the Court had upheld loss of citizenship under similar circumstances.

    Afroyim argued that since "neither the Fourteenth Amendment nor any other provision of the Constitution expressly grants Congress the power to take away that citizenship once it has been acquired. Brownell, U. Brownell, rule the foreign voting provision of the Nationality Act to be unconstitutional, and rule that he was still a United States citizen. The court ruled, in a decision, that "Congress has no power under the Constitution to divest a person of his United States citizenship absent his voluntary renunciation thereof.

    Brownell case, the Supreme Court rejected the claim that Congress had such power and said that "no such power can be sustained as an implied attribute of sovereignty".

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