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Uses of Pennsylvania Tax ID (EIN) Numbers

What if I cannot find the fund I am looking for using the online giving site? Some funds may not be available for online giving. Please contact the Gifts Office to make your gift by calling , or e-mail devgifts dev. Can I make a gift to Penn over time? You can pledge a gift to Penn and arrange a payment schedule of up to five years.

You can also make a recurring gift to the University through our online giving form.

How I Obtained an LLC, Business License, and Tax ID Number in PA

What is the difference between restricted and unrestricted gifts? Annual Giving. Annual Fund gifts support the immediate operating expenses of the University and its schools and centers in the current fiscal year. There are many annual giving funds at Penn, including The Penn Fund and funds within schools and centers.

Annual Fund gifts are used in their entirety to support the designated unrestricted fund.

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General Purpose. Program Gifts.

Apply for a Pennsylvania Tax ID (EIN) Number

Program gifts establish and support specific initiatives and activities at the University and its schools and centers. Examples include restricted gifts to support faculty, specific areas of research and scholarship, curricular development and other core priorities.

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Endowment Gifts. Gifts that create endowment funds are generally designated for specific purposes agreed upon by the donor and the University at the time the donation is made.

How to Get a Tax ID (EIN) in Pennsylvania

They generate annual income from investment returns, as determined by a spending rule set by the Board of Trustees. Capital Gifts. Gifts made to capital projects, including construction and renovation of facilities or facility improvement.

These costs include school or academic center expenses that are necessary to support the endowment or gift program, such as lighting, heating, and other facilities costs, and administrative costs incurred by the schools and centers such as information technology, safety and security, human resources, finance, treasury, audit, and fundraising. Your gift must be received by June 30th to count towards the current year. How will my gift to Penn be recognized? Penn has developed a number of donor recognition programs, publications, and societies.

Naming opportunities for facilities, academic programs, faculty positions, and student scholarships are available at a variety of giving levels.

IRS Tax ID (EIN) Application

University-wide donors are recognized in the annual publication People Supporting Penn. Many schools and centers have their own publications and giving societies, as do Gift Planning , The Penn Fund , and other specialized programs. Personal Service Corporation. Do you operate a business as a corporation or partnership?

Is the organization a Trust, Estate or Non-Profit organization? Will you open a business bank account? The name provided should be the legal name as is or will be registered in your legal formation paper work. Responsible Party - The Individual who will act as or will be designated as the responsible party for the business or entity.

This individual will be responsible for direction, controlling and managing the entities funds and assets. Business Address - The physical business address of the business or entity must be disclosed. This address must be a physical address and not a PO Box. If you cannot recieve mail at your physical address, be sure to choose "Yes" to the option "Would you like to receive mail at a different address".

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